Anarchist (Appointed Diffrently)

The Aim of an Anarchist

To cause havoc, and corruption. The anarchists can be all to often spotted on rooftops and 'getting the authorities's backs up'. They are purely driven by a life of crime and are the most feared group on Westside RPG. Many are members of anarchist mafias and gangs setup by other anarchists.

When you should be suspected by the police

Expect to be suspected when coming in a close 'radius' of the police, you will be automatically suspected, and therefore, you must have guts!

How To Become An Anarchist?

You cannot become an Anarchist via the job center.

Firstly you must resign from your current job if you have one by typing: /resignmyjob

Obtain the following items before you do anything (make sure there is room in your bag):

1. 10+ banking check which you should recieve everyday, from most jobs, you can also buy one off a player.

2. Bottle of fuel (details where to obtain it soon , ask players for now)

Then you must head down to the 'Docks' near the Mechanics spawning location. It is most alternativly known as 'The boatyard'.

Then you must type /sms 477 no to refuse standard jobs.

Once at the docks you must be at dock number 4 and you must be suspected/wanted by the police.

If thats the case then send an sms to 565, type: /sms 565 yes

You must go to the balcony, of the warehouse at dock number 4, for it to work. It will tell you this if you try to send the sms before you are in the correct location.

Once you have done this you can reload the server and...

Congratulations, relogin and you should be an Anarchist

Also note that if Anarchists go into their own 'brown' cars, when the car has just spawned they get more ammo.

Vehicles Available

Brown Anarchist car, and standard 'citizen' cars providing you have a licence.

What Anarchists Can Do

Anarchists can:

I. Talk on a private anarchist channel (/p)

II. Find out a players location, using the whereis command

III. See how much Rcash any player has

How do Anarchists get paid?

They don't they must pay 10Rcash a day to continue their exclusive Anrachist membership.