Drug Dealer (Appointed Diffrently)

The Aim of a Drug Dealer

The aim of a drug dealer is to create drugs. In order to create drugs, a drug dealer needs to cooperate with a farmer in order to purchase seeds.

Commands Available

Weapons Available

1. Uzi
2. Tec-9
3. 9mm pistol

Vehicles available

There is an array of vehicles spread out on the Drug Dealer spawn. These however, are not job vehicles.

How Do Drug Dealers Get Paid?

Drug dealers get paid by selling the drugs that they make to players. They also receive a +10 rcash check banking.

They also recieve a check of +10Rcash daily which can be cashed at the bank.

How To Become A Drug Dealer


1. You will need to gather 4 items : Balance, Plastic Pouches, Dried Grass & Catalina's Knife.
* You can buy the balance for 300rc at the 'Black Market' which is located in [SF | Hashbury].
* You can find the dried grass at [LS |Flinty County | Leafy Hollows], in a barn.
* You can find the plastic pouches at [LS | Red County | Red County], inside a small wooden room beside the side job which is [trawling].
* You can find the catalina's knife at [LS | Red County | Fern Ridge], at the entrance of Catalina's house.

2. Be medic and get wanted by the police
Hint : if you do not have a 2nd job (/myjobs), you need to type /sms 477 no

3. Go to [SF | Doherty 1] and find the "Mixing Place" (inside an abandonned factory, near containers).

4. Type /sms 696 yes to finally get the job

Miscellaneous Information

You will automatically become suspected when a cop is in range of you while you complete the transation of drugs towards another player.