Engineer (Appointed Diffrently)

The Aim Of An Engineer

To cooperate with the mine workers, for raw materials. They use the raw materials to craft weapons and ammo.

How To Become An Engineer Guide

You cannot become an Engineer via the Job Center

1. You must be a mechanic, as this job is an upgrade for the mechanic.

2. When you are a mechanic simply type: "/get engineer" and follow the instructions.

3. You will need the following items to ultimately become an engineer:

Diamond, SWAT Signature (obtained from a SWAT player), Engineer Graduation, Lead Component Plan, Iron, Lead, Lithium, Zinc

I will reveal how to get a diamond- well known from the Hitman quest, which you can also just trade.

The SWAT sigature is simply a matter of agreeing a price with a SWAT players as they just type "/get signature" and can make unlimited of them.

To get: Iron, Lead and Lithium, and Zinc you need to ask a mine worker (main seller) or player to sell you them. It is not the ore you want, it is the actual metal the "raw material" e.g. not "iron ore" but "iron".

Finally: The Engineer Graduation and Lead Component Plan - remain secret. I will not reveal how to find these, it is a secret do not pester me about it. Feel free to ask other players and trade.

How To Get A Diamond

The diamond is also an item that you make from other items. The combination is:
3 Gold medals + merit award = 1 Diamond
3 Silver medals = 1 Gold medal
3 Electing cards = 1 silver medal

For the electing card, go to the mayors office and typ /get electing card (this will cost you 10 rcash)

If you have 3 electing cards, go to Federal Agency(place where to get weapon licence), typ: /get silver medal

When you have 3 silver medals, go to Governor Office, typ /get gold medal

For the merit award, go to the FBI Department (next to LV PD) and typ inside: /get merit award
You will need to wait till 6:00 to receive it.

Then when you have 3 gold medals and a merit award, go to the Mayor's office, and typ: /get diamond

If you want to make a Diamond by your self, it takes a lot of time, and you need 27 electing cards in total. But you can also buy one of somebody(prices begin of 1000 rcash)

How To Craft objects

To craft objects, engineer need raw materials from mine workers, and the specific objects craft plans.

To craft an object, the engineer uses the command "/craft <objectname>"

What is an "object/component" ? All kinds of things anything from: A steel bar, a gun magazine, to an electronic componant etc.

However, you will not craft weapons or ammo (Engineers main creation), without having the components to make them. Components have to be in the stock, not in the bag, to be used.

A gun for example may contain a: barrel, trigger magazine, etc . A player must have these components, and more to build a gun. After all how can you make a gun without a 'trigger'? If a player doesn't have all the components needed to craft his/her desired item, a list of needed components is shown.

However, the list of components needed, depends on what you are crafting, a machine gun for example will require an "automatic modification" component, whereas a pistol would not.

Crafting Plans will be hidden on the map, and a player must locate them in order to specialise in making certain objects. For example if you find the sdpistol plan you can craft a sdpistol, providing you have the needed components e.g. "magazine". An engineer would then type "/craft sdpistol" at the crafting place.

Where Do I Craft Items?

At the crafting place, this is in a secret location, I cannot reveal it. Please ask other players for help or locate it yourself

What Can Engineers Do?

/craft <objectname>- To craft an object
/craftlist- See the list of craftable objects

To use your personal stock type: /bagtostock <slot> - it has unlimited storage space.

To put stock in your bag type: /stocktobag <slot>.

How Do Engineers Get Paid?

- Selling Items to players e.g. Guns etc. For RC
- Selling materials and objects e.g. Steel bar's to other engineers or intrested parties for RC.