The Aim of a Farmer

The aim of a farmer is simple. You are to locate the corresponding fields in Blueberry and plant seeds in that specific area. You are also responsible for cooperating with drug dealers by providing them seeds so they can make drugs from them to sell to players.

Commands Available

Weapons Available

1. Shovel
2. Desert Eagle

Vehicles available

There is an array of vehicles spread out on the Farmer spawn. These however, are not job vehicles.

How Do Farmers Get Paid?

Farmers get paid by selling seeds to drug dealers for rcash. Farmers also recieve a +10 rcash check banking every real day.

They also recieve a check of +10Rcash daily which can be cashed at the bank.

Miscellaneous Information about the Farmer Job

1. Once the plant has matured (100% finished growing) you can pick it up by walking near it. The plant will be placed in your stock.

2. If you leave an area while the plant is being planted / matured, it will be automatically cancelled and you will have to start over again. You can walk away, just do not leave the area the plant is being planted in.

3. There are three fields: Each of these fields provides you with ample space to plant seeds.