Godfather (Appointed Differently)

Spawn: Infront of Caligulas Casino, LV.

Weapons: The Godfather is given a Katana, SD Pistol and AK47 upon spawning. The Godfather can also load any weapon.

Vehicles: 4 Sentinels infront of Caligulas Casino, LV.

Hit execution: When a hit is executed while the godfather is online, the Godfather gets 10% while the hitman gets 90% of the hit.

Contracts: The godfather can add contracts on players and ask hitmen to execute them. The hitmen will receive Rcash and lose no CP for a successful execution.

How to obtain the Godfather job: The command to obtain the Godfather job and all of the Godfather's job commands are secret and to be discovered by each player individually. Good luck.

Bombs: The Godfather has an arsenal of explosives. Tread lightly when confronting him.