Hitman (Appointed Diffrently)

Role of Of A Hitman

To rule the criminal underworld of Westside RPG. They control the anarchists, and spend the majority of their time.

1. In combat with authorities e.g. Security Guards
2. Hunting down the Mayor (if online)
3. Killing the hits on the hitlist for Rcash (/seehits)

You cannot be a Hitman via the Job Center

Items You Need To Become A Hitman:

-Secret document
-White Flag

How to receive them:

Secret document:

For the Secret document you need pages to make it complete. When you The pages you need for Secret document to be complete are:

-Secret document Part 1
-Secret document Part 2
-Secret document Part 3
-Secret document Part 4

To get one of the parts, you need to ride in one of the city's for like 30 hours(ingame time), and you will receive one item. Each person receives his/her own part, and always that one when he searches for it. So if you found part 1, you will find that part always.

You will need to buy or trade for other parts

When you have 4 parts, you need to go to the Governor office (in LV).

When your there, with the 4 parts in your bag, typ: /get secret document
Now you will see in your bag only one Secret document.



The diamond is also an item that you make from other items. The combination is:
3 Gold medals + merit award = 1 Diamond
3 Silver medals = 1 Gold medal
3 Electing cards = 1 silver medal

For the electing card, go to the mayors office and typ /get electing card (this will cost you 10 rcash)

If you have 3 electing cards, go to Federal Agency(place where to get weapon licence), typ: /get silver medal

When you have 3 silver medals, go to Governor Office, typ /get gold medal

For the merit award, go to the FBI Department (next to LV PD) and typ inside: /get merit award
You will need to wait till 6:00 to receive it.

Then when you have 3 gold medals and a merit award, go to the Mayor's office, and typ: /get diamond

If you want to make a Diamond by your self, it takes a lot of time, and you need 27 electing cards in total. But you can also buy one of somebody(prices begin of 1000 rcash)


White Flag:

The White flag is easy to get. As first you need to be an anarchist. Then you need to kill some cops. Your total kills must be 10. So you need to kill 10 cops, without dieing. You need to kill 3 or more diffirent cops(other name), and the totals of them must be 10. So for example:

-You kill one cop 3 times.

-another cop 3 times.

-and again another cop 4 times.

So you killed 10 cops , but 3 different individuals.

When you do this, without dieing once, you will get the White Flag.


After you got those 3 items (Secret document, Diamond and White Flag), you need to go to Governor Office again, while you are anarchist, and type whilst there, /get hitman

Congratulations! You are a Hitman!


Other Information

-Hitman cars (Hustlers)


- Accquire-> Sniper, Shotgun, and Pistol from hitman cars (ammo).
- They also recieve a knife


The Hitman doesn't have any commands 'only for the job', as yet but possibly in the near future. The command that hitman will use most is:

You can see whch people have a bounty on their head and for how much.

Anybody can use the above command.

Players place a hit by typing /addhit <playerid> <rcash>

This puts a player on the hitlist and if the Hitman kills the target player, they get the rcash.