The Aim Of A Mine Worker

The aim is to locate and dig in the mines of Westside. They will dig up ore which are found in the mines. Mine Workers must cooperate with Engineers, providing them with materials to craft ammo and weapons.

Mine Workers Guide For Mining

First you must locate an ore mine, containing ore, They are in hidden locations so look carefully!

When the mine worker finds a mine, he/she must use the command "/dig" to extract ore from ground.

When extracted, ore goes directly into his/her bag.
==> As you know, your bag only has 5 slots and gets full very quick!
==> So, the mine worker should use the command "/bagtostock <slot>" to transfer the ore from his/her bag to his personal stock.

The personal stock has unlimited space, so you can put as many items as you like in it. To put items back in your bag type "/stocktobag <slot>".

The possible ores you will come across are:

- Iron Ore (Iron Mine)
- Lead Ore (Lead Mine)
- Lithium Ore (Lithium Mine)
- Zine Ore (Zinc Mine)

Turning Ore Into Raw Materials (Smelting)

Mine Workers may then choose to smelt the ore into raw materials, if they wish.

Firstly you need to be in the smelting location for mine workers- there is one smelting place on the map, in a secret place. You must rely on your scouting skills or consult other players for help as I am sworn to secrecy

When you reach the smelting place - use the /smelt <object> command. For example: type "/smelt iron", this will smelt 4 pieces of "iron ore" into one piece of "iron".

You will require 4 ores to make raw materials in most cases.

What Mine Workers Can Do:

I. /dig - digs in the area where typed (providing there is a mine present).
II. /smelt <objectname> - to Smelt ore
III. smeltlist - see the list of components that can be smelted.

How Do Mine Workers Get Paid?

-Sell Ore for RC- to other mine workers who need it to smelt raw materials

-Sell Raw Materials for RC - to Engineers, who need it to craft weapons and ammo.

Of course there will be other types of demand for it, so the market is yours for the taking!