The Aim Of A Police Officer

The aim of a police officer, is to uphold justice on the server, by detaining and in extreme cases shooting suspects (see why am I a suspect guide)

Vehicles available

Police can drive authority vehicles (apart from SWAT, and ARMY), as well as standard 'citizen' vehicles providing they have a licence.

What Police Officers Can Do

Police Officers can:

I. Suspect players who break the law
II. Jail Suspects (in police station)
III. Check for your driving licence
IV. Check your file (for good behaviour)

Police officers also have the ability to see who is suspected/check player files and, discuss suspects on a private police channel.

Police may also phone criminals via an intercom, to give them messages of authority.


- Spawn With: NightStick
- From Police Vehicles-> Shotgun

How Do Police Get Paid?

When sending a suspect to jail, police will gain +2 Rcash points.
When shooting a suspect in extreme circumstances then they recieve +1 Rcash point.

They also recieve a +10Rcash check daily, which can be cashed at the bank.

What are corrupt police?

Corrupt police are those who abuse there position of power, and suspect people for minimal reasons and self-gain. If a police member shoots anyone who is not a suspect, they will be sent to jail for bad behaviour (see Why was I suspected? guide)

Also people who abuse their jobs, will be potentially banned, or suspended from the server, for unfair conduct.