The Aim of a Prostitute

The aim of a prostitute is to 'hook up' with other players, for Rcash. They do this by becoming the 'slave' of another player for a chosen amount of time e.g. 1 hour. Prostitutes also heal players by doing them favours.

When you should be suspected by the police

Only if the police catch you, selling yourself to others, Or if you try to sell yourself to a police officer. If they do neither of these you should be presumed innocent and have a good time However, all other suspection rules apply.

How To Become A Prostitute?

You cannot become a prostitute via the job center.

Firstly you must resign from your current job if you have one by typing: /resignmyjob

Then you must reload the server and login as a girl, i.e. a citizen that has a female appearance. You must then head down to the 'Big Pen' a location where the prostitutes hang out on the server (also on GTA San Andres single player).

Once at the 'Big Pen' you must send a text to 477, do this by typing /sms 477 no

This refuses the standard jobs and puts you on route to prostitution. Then you must go into the smaller room in the 'Big Pen' this is just off the main room and a sofa is placed there, known as the insidest room.

Then you must type /thepigpen

Congratulations, relogin and you should be a prostitute.

Weapons Available

1. Dildo

Vehicles Available

All standard 'citizen' vehicles providing they have a licence and the pink car by the 'Big Pen' which appears to be ideal for prostitutes usage, as it is in a good location.

What Prostitutes Can Do

Prostitutes can:

I. Talk on a private prostitute channel (/p)

II. Let players know when they are available- sends message to all players in the form of an annoucement.

III. Become a slave of a player by sending message to their id and can tell the player how much they want to charge per hour (in form of a command).

V. Kiss a player- gives a player 10% life

VI. Have Sex with a player -gives a player 100% life

How Do Prostitutes Get Paid?

Simple they become the slave of someone who wants a bit of action

They also recieve a +10Rcash check daily, which can be cashed at the bank.