Security Guard (Appointed Diffrently)

The Aim of A Security Guard

The aim of a Security Guard, is to protect the Mayor on the server, and to defend against the 'Hitman' who will take every opportunity to kill the Mayor. Also as well - defending the Mayor from other suspects e.g. Anarchists. Security Guards will provide general protection and security and they are usually spotted at the Mayor's residence, living a life of luxury. They can deal radically with threats, as they are well equipped. Security Guards set an example to lower ranked police officers.

How To Become A Security Guard?

You cannot become a Security Guard via the job center

However, you must be in the police force (it is a job upgrade)

To obtain Security Guard, you must have these objects :

- Merit Award- Explained in other sections of the forum

- Diamond- The Diamond is 3 gold medals and 1 merit point (medals explained in other sections of the forum)

- Radio- The radio is at a secret location on the map
(Clue: The Radio Is Lost In The Sands Of Time- It Is Dry & Wet)

- The Mayors Signature- obtained from the Mayor, he types /get signature , then trades it (he will only give it to worthy candidates, and people he thinks will do a good job- HE ONLY GIVES IT OUT 3 TIMES A DAY)

- SWAT's Signature- obtained from any SWAT player. They type /get signature, then trade it.

In some cases you can type /get <object> to know were to obtain it, or to deliver it.

When you have all 5 objects, go to the Mayors Office (LS)

When you are in the Mayors office type: /get security guard

Vehicles available

Security Guards can drive Security Guard Vehicles (FBI Ranchers) as well as standard 'citizen' vehicles providing they have a licence.

What Security Can Do

Same as police, (see police job)